Nataris Candles was born from a desire to create luxurious scented candles that burn clean, are eco-friendly and long lasting with a promise of quality. My love for sophisticated scents, and beauty guided me to create a truly artisan product using virgin coconut-soy wax, all natural fragrance oils, and cotton wicks.

Our candles are hand-poured with love and in small batches in Houston, Texas using premium quality, food grade, eco-friendly and sustainably sourced soy coconut wax. Our luxurious, all natural fragrance oils are free of parabens and phthalates.

Why Coconut Soy Wax?

Coconut wax is obtained from a sustainable crop that is eco-friendly to harvest and it is not associated with any deforestation. It is produced from cold-pressed coconut meat making it free of all toxins. Coconut wax also burns at a lower temperature, making your candle last longer. Nataris Candles are made from all natural ingredients, resulting in a wax that burns pure and clean.